Clipsource is a marketing platform specifically designed for the entertainment industry. Since 2009, Clipsource has fundamentally transformed the way broadcasters and film distributors supply the media and other stakeholders with pre-premiere content. Previously, this process was complicated and time-consuming, so we’ve invested countless hours in developing and fine-tuning an easy-to-use modular software service, which features for instance:

  • Secure screening of programmes and films
  • Targeted distribution of trailers and clips
  • Always up-to-date media contacts
  • Complete press rooms
  • Extensive usage data
  • Automated scheduled distribution
  • Event management

Clipsource was founded in 2009 by Jens Ander, Johan Wiklund and Dan Willstrand, who each have extensive online video experience dating back to 1998 when they launched Scandinavia’s first media streaming company, Kamera Interactive.

Clipsource is an independent and privately held company.

Please contact us for more information: call +46 8 580 80 320 or email