Clipsource is revolutionizing the global marketing and communication for media companies. Our services include digital media centers, pre-premier distribution of screeners (TV, films, radio and audio books), and distribution of rich metadata. The customer list includes companies such as Discovery, HBO, Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., TV4, NENT, SF, Nordic Film and Storytel. The business model is SaaS, with about 75% of revenues in the form of subscriptions. Churn is close to zero.


The company is still small, but we are now rapidly expanding our services throughout Europe. To manage this expansion technically we are seeking a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the company’s management team.


The CTO, reporting to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, will be responsible for overseeing Clipsource’s short and long-term technical and engineering strategy, and providing a high-level, forward-thinking vision. This person will perpetually refine, redefine (as necessary), and lend support to all aspects of the company’s technical development. The ideal candidate is a technical leader with demonstrable expertise in leading the creation of first-in-class digital products, including a full SaaS development cycle.


The CTO will work across all key departments to attain the company’s strategic goals, including setting business requirements, assessing and improving application architecture, and ensuring the implementation of market-leading design. The CTO will communicate with staff, executives, and customers to ensure the company’s technologies are used appropriately and optimally.


Proven experience packaging open source technology for use within enterprise and/or consumer applications is essential, as is the ability to effectively translate technical terminology to all stakeholders. This person should be visionary, understand industry-wide best practices and current innovations, and display credibility and excitement – particularly in lending expertise to a high-performing and expanding team.


To learn more about the company, applicants are encouraged to visit www.clipsource.com



  • Provide strategic guidance of all technology and engineering-related decisions, including product roadmap, to maximize the company’s growth and profitability.
  • Evaluate and evolve current application architecture, handle verification and validation of mission critical software, and aid in decision-making aimed at developing a more seamless, scalable product.
  • Together with the CPO, define how decided products and functions should be developed.
  • Implement technology solutions and development tools that may improve efficiency and effectiveness of all Departments, and in a fashion that supports the company’s KPIs, mission and values.
  • Implement information security standards/policies, including running audits and document security procedures
    Making sure that our newly established development team in Lahore operates optimally together with the development team in Stockholm.
  • Be ultimately responsible for all technical aspects of our strategy, to ensure that we reach our business goals.
  • Identify and implement new technologies that keep us competitive.
  • Ensure that the technology solutions we purchase have optimal price/performance.


Questions and contact

Clipsource is working with Lagotto Executive Search & Interim in this recruitment process. If you have any questions regarding this specific role, please contact senior consultant Christos.voglis@lagottosearch.se