Ola Scholander has more than 20 years of experience of building sustainable businesses in streaming media, working for companies such as IEC in Sports, Perform, Epic TV and Kamera. 19-21 November he will be visiting SportPro OTT summit in Madrid, to discuss how OTT companies can grow their audience. 

Set up a meeting with Ola if you want to:

  1. Learn how you can increase viewing, by pushing promotional content and data to key media partners and influencers.
  2. See what you must do to stay in control of how your programs are presented to consumers – when robots take over distribution.
  3. Increase output even if your budgets are cut in a downward economy.
  4. Save money by killing a few of the costly platforms you use today.
  5. Be the first person in your company to reduce tech investments.
  6. Understand why you can stop worrying about ageing technologies.
  7. Have a good laugh. Ola is a funny guy who likes to share stupid (and sometimes mind-blowing) stories from the digital media industry

Email Ola at ola.scholander@clipsource.com, or give him a call: +46 736 257 629

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