Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) is a pan-Nordic media and entertainment company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. They operate streaming services, advertising-funded TV and radio channels, engaging millions of people every day. Now they are planning for an ambitious international growth.

We met NENT Group’s Head of Press in Sweden, Susanne Nylén, to learn more about program communication in a fast-changing environment. Nylén has five people in her team and is responsible for all contacts with journalists and for launching their content on every platform, throughout the Nordics.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Right now, I am working from home and have a lot of digital meetings where we set strategies and roll-out plans for our coming premieres—both proactive and reactive dialogues with the press.

What are the most significant differences in your job today compared with five years ago?

The change in the media landscape where social media and influencers are as important as traditional press and journalists. Also, with slimmed media organizations, it is even more important to help journalists with research, angles and general info to make their job easier. A platform where they find it all, such as Clipsource, is essential in offering a “one-stop-shop”.

What is most difficult in your job?

Being able to transform and manoeuvre in the ever-changing media landscape. With new streaming platforms launching in our territories, it is a challenge to keep getting awareness in media for our content.

The key to success is dialogue and good relationships with journalists and talent and quickly adapting to new conditions. We always communicate Viaplay first, and we have managed to get the media on board in this communication by reminding them and positioning us with our content.

When are you most happy at work?

When we have big successes in our premieres, both in terms of reviews and press coverage. Recent examples include “Partisan” and “Love me” which also won several awards. “Partisan” won Cannesseries and “Love me” won the tv-award Kristallen for Best TV-drama.

What is on top of your agenda this spring?

I really want to find a new way of arranging digital press days that generate the same coverage as when we had them in person. We must produce a substitute for big events.

Where do you get inspiration for what you choose to watch?

Media, newspapers, press sites, podcasts, radio, social media, friends. During the pandemic, I have started listening much more to podcasts and radio and actively look for inspiration in social media since streaming has skyrocketed in the last year.

Nent Group plans to expand into several new markets in the next few years. How will you position yourselves in those countries?

We want to be the leading European streaming champion. All content comes with local subtitles and we are quite unique with our sports rights. We will launch next week in The Baltics, later on in Poland and by the end of the year in the US.

What is the key to your success in new markets?

Great drama and attractive sports rights. We are launching 40 new Viaplay Originals during 2021, so we have high ambitions, and we have secured the best sports rights, not only in the Nordics but also in our new markets.


Susanne Nylén in 30 seconds:

Family: Husband Håkan (with the podcast When we were kings), three daughters including twins.
Years in the media business: 22
Linear vs on-demand consumption in percent: Linear 20%, on-demand 80%
I am this TV drama: I wish I was a mix between Sex and the city, Younger and Emily in Paris.
Genre I never watch: War documentaries due to an overload from my husband.
Guilty pleasure: Paradise Hotel and Outlander.


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